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    Hi, Everyone,

    I really wanted to take the time here to post my thanks for this forum, to members and to Jundo for making it what it is.

    I've been stuck for a while now for various and sundry reasons and simply having the opportunity to read posts from all you guys has "fed" me. It's prompted me to go and do things that I've been putting of for a while. The only thing I've been doing on a regular basis is my sitting and checking on line here! So, thanks for being here!!!

    I am grateful,
    many blessings,

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    Re: thankyou

    Lora, Well put! I often feel the same way. I don't post much, I spend much more time lurking then typing. But I check in everyday and am thankful for this wonderful community and the sit-alongs. So another great big thank you to everyone for making Treeleaf what it is!

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    Re: thankyou

    I'll add my thanks as well since a sangha has been the missing piece for a long time in my practice.

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    Re: thankyou

    Lora, Jen, and Scott,
    Thank you for practicing here and being part of this community. You all help to make Treeleaf the place it is. We are all in this together...


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    Re: thankyou

    I would also like to say thank you to everyone involved with Treeleaf.

    It's amazing how often someone else will say what I'm thinking or ask the same question I've been pondering.

    It really feels comfortable here.

    So thank you.

    Deep Gassho,


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    Re: thankyou

    I too wish to express my gratitude. Like Jen and others, I visit and benefit, but I donít post much.

    Here is a simple Thank you.

    To Jundo, for sharing his practice and his kind teachings, Thank you.

    To all of you, for creating this community, Thank you.

    To Lora, for initiating this thread, Thank you.


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    Re: thankyou

    Thank you teachers
    Thank you everyone


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    Re: thankyou

    There is much for which to be thankful. Gassho Kent

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    Re: thankyou

    Thank YOU Lora

    and the Tree Leaf sangha! Even when I am not close to the PC to check in, the feeling of the community is with me.

    Thank you all for your practice!



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    Re: thankyou

    Thanks lora and all of you from me, too.

    I feel like I finally found a home.


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    Re: thankyou


    Yes, it's a great feeling to know that Treeleaf is always here for us all. Thank you everyone.


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