For our next book in the Book Club and in preparation for our upcoming Jukai (Undertaking the Precepts) Ceremony, I am going to use Robert Aitken Roshi's, THE MIND OF CLOVER. It is a beautiful examination of the Precepts and Buddhist ethics. In fact, the Book Club will become our "Precepts Study Class" in preparation for the Jukai, although folks who just want to read and discuss the book, and not undertake the Jukai ceremony at Treeleaf, are more than welcome to join in. You can treat it as the "Book Club" or the "Precepts Study Class", and even decide to take the Jukai later (although we will also be having a Rakusu sewing class, and that will take time). In addition to Aitken Roshi's book, our readings for the Precepts study will also be supplemented by other writings and essays by other teachers, all of which should be available on the internet and which I will introduce from time to time.

More information on the Jukai will come this week. The time has come.

For more details about THE MIND OF CLOVER, and how to order it, please listen to today's talk on the "Sit-a-Long". We will start it soon after finishing Uchiyama Roshi's "OPENING THE HAND OF THOUGHT".

http://treeleafzen.blogspot.com/2008/07 ... -book.html

Precepts study is vital for all Buddhists, whether or not you are preparing for the Jukai ceremony. Everyone in the Sangha should join in the book club for this one, I believe.

Gassho, Jundo