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    Been away but not away, distracted by the summer and my new found health. Ironically all the time I've been enjoying getting worn out spending kayaking/fishing/walking has left me seeming too tired to keep up with my regular zazen :roll:

    Anyway, I've been checking in on the threads and Jundo's talks but just not contributing.

    As all things in excess come to a head, I've over done it on the exercise front been suffering the last week or so and seeing that lesson come round yet again :roll: have been brought up face to face with reality, yet again :roll: , and the reality that things need balance so as not too bring suffering on youself and an ability to see distraction for what it is.

    So, I'm more back Glad you're all still here

    Did some one mention jukai some time? :wink:

    In gassho, Kev

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    Re: Distracted...

    Glad you're back and enjoying too much of a good thing! (Seriously, be careful - I remember your kayak adventure of a few months back)... what boat do you paddle?

    I'm with you - looking forward to jukai (soon?)..... we'll have to check in on that with the management...!


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    Re: Distracted...

    Quote Originally Posted by alex
    I'm with you - looking forward to jukai (soon?)..... we'll have to check in on that with the management...!
    Very soon. Sooner than you can imagine. Super super soon.

    I have been holding off just because I have wanted to make sure that the time is right, and that it is done right. I will even be inviting impartial outside observers (very respected Zen teachers from other Lineages) to observe how we do the whole process, and how we handle the innovations required by being "on line", so that we can demonstrate that we are handling our Precepts study and "Cyber-Jukai" with all the gravity, pomp and circumstance befitting any bricks and mortar Sangha.

    (yes, in Zen we have "time" and "right" even as we drop all thought of "time" "right" and "wrong"). However, the time is at hand.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Distracted...

    Yay...... Jukai....

    ( I am feeling very cheerful today and want to laugh at everything for no particular reason )

    will they be hitting us with a Cyber-Stick during our Cyber-Jukai?

    Gassho, Daniel

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    Re: Distracted...

    Good point there Jundo about making sure it's done right , especially as a unique first of a kind event (one of many), I'm sure it could/would be very open to criticism by some. Looking forward to it.

    As for the kayak Alex, I've got a fishing sit-on-top at the moment, ocean kayak big game. Nice and stable for fishing and swimming off, not the fastest yak but good for me to get me out and about the coast. No marathon adventures here, couple of miles out to sea, few miles down the coast, may be 6 -8 miles max in a trip but leaves me tired for a few days. Got plans ready to make an Aleut style skin on frame yak though, now that'll be cool. Tides aren't too vicious here but the winds have been a pain of late.

    in gassho, kev

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    Re: Distracted...

    So over training and under training at the same time, a good lesson as well as a good pain in the arse
    Good to see you posting again kev.

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