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Thread: The Four Reliances

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    The Four Reliances

    Do not rely on the individual, rely on the Dharma.

    Do not rely on the words, rely on the meaning.

    Do not rely on the apparent meaning, rely on the certain meaning.

    Do not rely on consciousness, rely on primordial wisdom.


    Comments anyone and everyone, (especially on "primordial wisdom").

    Many blessings,

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    Re: The Four Reliances

    primordial wisdom
    I would say the wisdom that arises from the moment, when we're not covering over anything. Naturalness, without analysis. Ordinary mind. Right here Right Now. The ability to just do something without obstruction. Without hesitation. Spontaneous. Big mind. Big Self. Not letting our likes, dislikes, or fantasies guide us.

    Natural wisdom. Before we started categorizing.

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    Re: The Four Reliances

    Intimacy with the cold and damp radiating from a steel bowl filled with water.

    To experience the reflection and light=sight,
    To smell the metallic and water=smell,
    To hear without attachment= sound,
    The slight dampness on your nose=touch,
    Taste what you are tasting at that moment,

    To experience that moment with every part of your being.

    Truly being intimate without seperation or acknowledgement of intimacy.

    "Zazen is more intimate than any lover, but there can be lovers in Zazen."

    Gassho Will

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