You ever meet one of those people who just won't shut up. I mean they just keep talking and talking and you usually make some sort of excuse like "OH! Would, you, look at the time. Gotta go." or " Hey!" (wave at no one in particular and walk away.) Whatever works for you.

Well it seems that we actually have that guy hanging out with us ALL THE TIME. We can't shake him. He's tricky. We duck behind something, but there he is waiting with a big "HEY. YOU EVER....BLAH BLAH BLAH." Can't get rid of him. So what you going to do? Ignore him? Well, that takes a bit of effort. I mean he's bugging you every few minutes with some useless talk about "such and such said this" or "I should buy a new ultra maximum metallic watch holder."


So what you gonna to do? I mean you can't shake him (Trust me on that). He just WON'T go away. I guess we just have to sit with him and let him talk, talk, talk.

Look at the blue in that reflection.
The air conditioner goes "woooo".
The chair goes creak.
And the neighbours upstairs go thump.
Slight breeze sticky summer night.
Yellow light on...


Oh. I sorry I forgot about you for a second. What were you saying?

Gassho Will