Therefore we, human man beings, have been bothered so much because of existence of two so-called truths, which are called idealism and materialism for thousands of years since the Greco-Roman civilization. However Gautama Buddha has established his Realistm relying upon his theory of four philosophies. Of course his Buddhist philosophy has been so difficult, that it hasn't been understood until 20th Century or 21st Century. However now we have begun to understand the true meaning of Buddhism, and so we, Dogen Sangha and Dogen Sangha International, have begun our efforts to explain the true meaning of Gautama Buddha's thoughts relying upon our blogs truoghout the World now.
Hi Jundo. Could you possibly point to what Nishijima Roshi is talking about in this quote (true meaning of Buddhism)?

I can't seem to post the link (Tuesday, October 23, 2007) Dogen Sangha blog.

Gassho Will