Anybody got any good advice for overcoming a nasty self-hate problem? I've been working under an insidious dark cloud of self-hate for about 22 years. I'm just now starting to recognize that, and to see some of the effects it has had on my life. Now, I'm a father of a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy, and I'm under a lot of stress, taking a lot of it out on them through a perpetually pissy mood, and I really don't want to burden them throughout their lives with the self-hatred that has shackled me in mine. All of this, of course, not to mention the impact it's having on my relationship with my wife... and myself.

Anyway, has anyone worked through this before? Any tips?

I'm sure sitting would help, or mini-sits, like momentary steps into the meditative perspective when the shitstorm is raging. However, I haven't sat in quite a while (a bit disappointed in myself for that :roll: ), so, while I know that technique will help, I can't trust myself to rely on it exclusively, so I'm looking for any tips at all, not just "Zen tips". For example, I'm considering journaling more, as that seems to help, and, perhaps putting pithy reminders of some kind on a cork board on my desk, somewhere where I'll see them when I start feeling angry or depressed.