Seeing as this the home of wisdom on the web ( ), I wanted to ask some advice:
I foresee in my life a broken heart on the horizon. All I want to do is hold on a little longer, an extra day, an extra embrace. But I know I'm just putting off the inevitable. I know I have to have to break my own heart. I guess it won't be easy. And there's no rules for coping with it, let alone Zen rules. But I just wish in my Zazen I had reached a point where I had the confidence to deal with this. I haven't. Does one ever? I doubt it. And I kinda wonder what the use of Zazen is at these times. Splitting up with someone you love shouldn't be easy. The death of a loved one shouldn't be easy. It should be suffering. Shouldn't it?

What's my question? Not sure...But words sometimes help, eh. They have in the past, so I ask of you some words.
Any wisdom for someone on the verge of splitting with the love of his life (for reasons of practicality).