Someone approached the Buddha and asked him whether he could summarize his teachings in, one phrase and, if he could, what it would be. The Buddha replied that he could: "Sabbe dhamma nalam abhinivesaya". "Sabbe dhamma" means "all things", "nalam" means "should not be", "abhinivesaya" means "to be clung to". Nothing whatsoever should be clung to.
I think some people get the wrong idea about this and think that we need to produce some sort of focused state in which nothing is felt or experienced. I think what the Buddha meant in this phrase (yes I know Jundo "if he actally said it") is :

Don't chase after anything. Don't run away from anything. Just let be. Non-attachment (To ideas, judgements, feelings, thoughts, sensations etc.) They are nothing but moving clouds.

Doesnt mean we don't feel, think, or sense. We just don't attach a "we" to it, or we experience, infact, that there really is no we in the midst of all this.

Now Jundo would probably say something like:

Yeah, well, you know there Will. We gotta live in this world there you know, so know. We gotta like, you know, live attached and unattached there guy. We can't float around like clouds all the time you know.