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Thread: Buddhist Hells

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    Buddhist Hells

    Just got some pics from my brother in-law who's over in China with his wifes family near Kunming? Anyway he sent me some pics of what were described as 'Buddhist Hells' not sure where the temple was or what it was called, none of the pics had any sort of captions.

    They certainly do a good line in hells :lol:

    By longdogs3 at 2008-06-18

    By longdogs3 at 2008-06-18

    By longdogs3 at 2008-06-18

    By longdogs3 at 2008-06-18

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    Re: Buddhist Hells

    Grrr some won't show for some reason.

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    Re: Buddhist Hells

    Oh, we see them ...

    Here are some more pictures (these amusement parks are all around Asia):

    Here is some information on the Narakas (the Buddhist Hells) ...

    Once thought in popular tradition to be real places (they may be ... who knows?), at the very least they stand for the hells that we can make within ourselves, and all around us, by our poisonous words, thoughts and acts.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Buddhist Hells

    Blimey :shock: the ones posted look tame by comparison to Asia hell

    In gassho, Kev

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