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Thread: Six Words of Advice from Tilopa

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    Six Words of Advice from Tilopa

    Let go of what has past

    Let go of what may come

    Let go of what is happening now

    Don't try to figure anything out

    Don't try to make anything happen

    Relax, right now, and rest. Tilopa


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    Re: Six Words of Advice from Tilopa

    tilopa seems awright.

    nice words. very busy lunchtime at the office.

    Tilopa's words are resonating with me.

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    Re: Six Words of Advice from Tilopa


    I'm glad Tilopa's advice helped. I posted it up on the fridge when I was recovering from an auto accident and my head thought I could do things that my body said "Hell, no!" to.

    Here's more info on Tilopa if anyone wants it:

    Many blessings, Lora

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