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    Back Home

    Hi All,

    I am back home to Tsukuba. Of course, we are supposed to be "always at home" wherever we are ... but it sure is nice to come home to one's own friends and family.

    I am sorry that I could not take everyone along with me on this trip, but the internet just would not allow it. It was a good excuse to get away from the television, newspapers and computer for awhile ... certainly none of that in many of the places I stayed.

    I am going to try to catch up on some of the topics here on the Forum, and to restart the daily "Sit-a-Longs" this evening. I will be talking on the netcast a little about several topics I hoped to discuss while in Vietnam, but which I could not. Such things as visiting some places connected to the American war and seeing so many of the effects and suffering still around, visiting a country where life is a lot poorer and tougher than back home (but also simpler in many ways) and, of course, visiting some very traditional Buddhist monasteries. It was a pretty challenging trip, more than a relaxing vacation for sure.

    Yes, it is good to be home.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Back Home

    Welcome back Jundo


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    Re: Back Home


    Welcome back. It's good to see you.


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    Re: Back Home

    It's good to have you back. You have been missed - but even the teacher needs some recharge time!

    I am sure your family is glad to have you back home.


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    Re: Back Home

    Glad you're back



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    Re: Back Home

    Welcome Back!

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    Re: Back Home

    Glad to have you back, boss!


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    Re: Back Home

    Welcome back Jundo, look forward to hearing some of the thoughts you trip has provoked.

    In gassho Kev

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    Re: Back Home

    HI, Jundo.....

    Welcome back... very Nice to hear you again, Jundo.

    Deep Gassho, Shui Di

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    Re: Back Home

    Welcome home Jundo, you were missed....... Gassho Kent

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    Re: Back Home

    Have you been away Jundo?

    Welcome back and a big hug for your safe return

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    Re: Back Home

    Good to have you back.


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    Re: Back Home

    Welcome back! I look forward to hearing about your experiences in Vietnam.

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    Re: Back Home

    Glad to have you back! Really looking forward to your talks again!


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    Re: Back Home

    Welcome back,

    We missed you!



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    Re: Back Home

    Hi Jundo,

    Great to have you back with us.


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    Re: Back Home

    Nice to have you back.


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    Re: Back Home

    Ignore the beer bottles on the table, and the empty bags of Doritos. Somebody dumped the place while we were all practicing deep Prajna Paramita.

    I'm happy for your safe return.

    Gassho, A

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    Re: Back Home

    Quote Originally Posted by Alberto
    Ignore the beer bottles on the table, and the empty bags of Doritos.
    ...and that stain in the sofa....ugh..what's that stain?! :shock:


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    Re: Back Home

    Hey Jundo,

    Welcome back to.....wherever we are.


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    Re: Back Home

    Great to have you back Jundo
    Kindest regards

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