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    Buddha Boy

    I've been following this person for quite a while now, maybe others will find it of interest too:

    http://peoplewithanimalheads.blogspot.c ... pdate.html

    Many blessings, Lora

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    Re: Buddha Boy

    It is quite common in Tibetan tradition and sometimes in Ch'an I think, for someone to meditate for a extended period of time.

    On E-Sangha Hui Feng's Ch'an Dharma brother will be in silent retreat for 10 years.


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    Re: Buddha Boy

    Tenzin Palmo: ... =122862304

    In 1976, she retreated to a cave in the Himalayas measuring 10 feet wide and six feet deep and remained there for 12 years, for three of which she was in full retreat. The cave was high in the remote Lahul area of the Indian Himalayas. In the course of the retreat she grew her own food and practiced deep meditation based on ancient Buddhist beliefs. In accordance with protocol, she never lay down, sleeping in a traditional wooden mediation box in a mediation posture for just three hours a night. The last three years were spent in complete isolation. She survived temperatures of below ?'30° Fahrenheit (?'35°C) and snow for six to eight months of the year.

    She emerged in 1988 and traveled to Italy. Since then she has taken on the cause of equal rights and opportunities for Buddhist nuns. In support of this, she spent several years traveling the world fund raising for a new Buddhist nunnery. In 2000, the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery was opened with the purpose of giving education and training to women from Tibet and the Himalayan border regions
    May their efforts penetrate each thing and all places.


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    Re: Buddha Boy

    10 seconds expriencing Buddha is ten seconds of Buddha. 10 years experiencing Buddha is 10 years of Buddha.

    Compassion arises from Indra's net.

    Zazen is dropping through the bodymind.

    Tenth Ox Herding picture
    poem by Kuoan and Hsu Yun

    Hsu Yun

    Coming Home with Folded Hands

    How wide are the horizons of the spinning earth!

    The moonlight leads the tides and the suns light will not be confined

    Within the net of heaven. But in the end all things return to the One.

    The deaf and dumb, the crippled and deformed are all restored to the Ones Perfection. ... rding.html

    Dogen (Bendowa)
    Dogen Sangha Modern Interpretations

    A Buddhist master of old said that although we can think and talk about
    Zazen and enlightenment as being separate, in reality they cannot be
    separated. Another master said that someone who intuitively sees
    what reality is will inevitably practice Zazen. Remember, even when
    we are in the balanced state of truth, we should still practice Zazen. ... tation.pdf


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    Re: Buddha Boy

    B boy sounds like a nice kid.

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