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Thread: Do you know the Dogen Lineage?

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    Do you know the Dogen Lineage?

    Hi every one...

    We've known about our treeleaf lineage to master Dogen.

    And I want to know more about the lineage between Master Dogen to Bodhidharma....

    Do you know about Master Dogen's lineage...?


    Gassho, Shui Di.

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    Re: Do you know the Dogen Lineage?

    Shobogenzo (Bendowa)
    Dogen Sangha Modern Interpretation

    Establishing in myself a firm resolve to search for the Buddha’s truth, I
    travelled to many parts of Japan to meet teachers who I hoped would
    help me in my search. One of these was Master Myozen, who lived at
    Kennin Temple. I stayed as his student for nine years, learning the
    teachings of the Rinzai lineage. Master Myozen was the most excellent
    of Master Eizai’s students, and had received the teachings of the
    Buddha’s truth directly from him. None of the other students were
    comparable. Then I travelled to China, searching east and west for
    a good teacher, and learned of the traditions of the five lineages that
    practice Zazen. Finally, I visited the temple on Mt. Dai-byaku-ho and
    met Zen Master Nyojo, with whom I finally completed the great task
    of a lifetime’s practice. Then in 1228, I returned to Japan determined to
    spread the truth that I had found to others in order to save them. I felt
    as if a heavy burden had been placed on my shoulders. But while
    waiting for favourable circumstances to carry me forward, I thought
    that I might spend some time wandering from place to place, following
    the flow of events, like wise teachers of old have done. But I also
    felt that there may be people who were already sincerely practicing
    Zazen and seeking for what is true, people who were not seeking for
    fame or wanting to get something, and those people might be misled
    by teachers who were not genuine, whose teachings would only lead
    them away from a correct understanding of what is true. They might
    then deceive themselves with those wrong ideas and become caught
    by their own delusions. How could they then strengthen their intuitive
    ability to know what is true, and have the chance to practice what
    is true? If I just wandered around waiting for the right time, where
    would they be able to find a true place to practice? This seemed to me
    a very sad situation, and so I have decided to write down all the customs
    and criteria that I myself experienced during my visits to the Zen
    monasteries in China, together with the teachings from my master,
    Tendo Nyojo, which I have received and put into practice. I will then
    leave these writings for people who learn by actually doing things,
    and who find it easy to live in reality, so that they will know the true
    teachings of the Buddha that have been passed on from person to
    person. I feel that this task may be of great importance.

    [17] The sutras say that the Great Gautama Buddha passed his truth on to
    Master Mahakasyapa. The Buddha’s truth was then passed on without
    any modification from teacher to student, until it reached the
    Venerable Bodhidharma. He settled in China and passed the Buddha’s
    truth on to Great Master Eka. This was the first arrival of the practice
    of Zazen in China. Then, passed on naturally like this from teacher to
    student, teacher to student, after five generations it arrived at Master Daikan Eno (continued....) ... tation.pdf

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    Re: Do you know the Dogen Lineage?

    Another translation of the Shobogenzo:


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    Re: Do you know the Dogen Lineage?

    Funny you should ask this today. I just got a copy of Master Keizan's Denkoroku which gives a detailed explanation of the teachers between Shakyamuni and Dogen. Looks like a good, informative read. Very succinct.


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    Re: Do you know the Dogen Lineage?

    Should be a good read Bill.

    I almost forgot this translation as well Shui di: ... texts.html


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    Re: Do you know the Dogen Lineage?

    Thanks for the translation..... Will

    Gassho, Shui Di

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    Re: Do you know the Dogen Lineage?

    Hi guys...

    I found something about the lineage... ... estors.pdf

    Gassho, Shui Di 8)

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