Just thought I put it as a topic as referrences to Nishijima's, Harry's and B Warner's recent post on it seem spattered about the place.

Is Nishijima just trying to say that to 'revere mindfulness' is non-Buddhist because it introduces a duality and by inference denies the Buddha-nature in those who are or have non-mindful moments or lives?

Assuming that that is all of us, as I find it hard to believe that anyone can be 100% 24/7 mindful in thought speech and action, it is idealistic to be always mindful as this is not reality?

Also is it because it is introducing mindfulness as a goal to attain as opposed to just being mindful and always going on...

To say that mindfulness in itself is non-Buddhist seems very odd given the nature of most zen practises.

In gassho, Kev