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Thread: as it comes and goes what is it?

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    as it comes and goes what is it?

    Life is gone in an instant.

    One of my students is very ill. We had a exam this morning. My English speaking exams are one on one. She started crying because of her illness and what not. She's about 20 or so.

    Understanding this impermenance I think is an important thing. Settling it into your bones. Although, there is no life and death, there is still life and death. Life and death are with us moment after moment. One day this forum will probably be gone. Can't say for sure, but probably. If you just look at a plant and see it's dead leaves, you'll understand impermanence. All things corrode, breakdown, become obsolete, change, and leave with no trace. Some say the trace that is left is Karma (this I have yet to understand).

    Some believe that we have another chance at this life, but deep down I don't feel this. So what can we do with a life that will be gone and replaced by a new. Live this life I guess. Understand this exsistence maybe. And maybe in understanding this exsistence we can learn to not waste the moments in our life, but learn to enjoy them. For truly we don't know when we will die. At that moment this life can be understood, and perhaps that life helped someone, or brought a smile to someone's face. Perhaps that life enjoyed it's sadness, light, food, and a joke, for it feels it won't be coming around again.

    Truly Dogen(whatever he is) was not kidding. And (whatever he is, or wherever he is I thank him). Why do I thank him? If it wasn't for every being who has taken up this practice inside and out, there would be no (or little) chance for others to also study and take up this practice. And truly it is a great practice.

    In Gassho Will


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    Re: as it comes and goes what is it?

    Hi Will,

    I hope you don't mind my saying this: I see a growing depth and maturity in your writing over time. This piece especially rang like a bell, I think. It shows true Wisdom and Compassion arising in you.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: as it comes and goes what is it?

    I hope your student gets better or at least has someone to take care of her. Is it terminal?

    I'll come out and say I believe in karma, samsara and life after death in a continous manner. I wanted to emphasize believe in the sense that, no I am not an experience zen/buddhist master who has the ability to see all my past lives and seen cause and effect in clear action. I believe the afterlife will be one just like it is now, in fact it is just the now, no different. From the time I first read it and came to understand the buddhist/zen point of view it seemed more holistic an explaination and logical than what I'd seen up to that date. The reason I believe it is because everthing that I have experienced (very little) from the teachings (from different lineages Dogen, Soto, Theravada etc) and those who have taught me has been true so far. At the same time it has been drummed into me nothing can be known to be true unless experienced and seen for oneself.

    So in that sense I am sending good wishes for your student, now and in the future. Hoping she can realise impermanence too.

    Just a disclaimer, my opinions only and no i don't look down on or up at anyone who does or does not believe in the afterlife as taught by the grand and low poo bahs. Whatever is helpful is helpful.



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