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Thread: Prajna Paramita materials

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    Prajna Paramita materials

    Hello Treeleafers!

    A few weeks ago I tried to get hold of a copy of Conze's translation of "The Perfection of Wisdom in Eightthousand Lines", which proved rather difficult....finally a friend of mine in London (who happens to be a rare books specialist) told me she could get hold of a copy for 43 pounds....however I stumbled over this site that happened to have the whole thing available as a download for free: ... wisdom.pdf

    The Perfection of Wisdom in Eightthousand Lines is the Heart Sutra's "cradle" in a sense and definitely worth a read. Once the book becomes available again, I will gladly purchase my own copy, but until then I am more than happy that someone put it out there for all sentient and English speaking beings to enjoy.



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    Re: Prajna Paramita materials

    Thanks Hans. Is the link working? Could just be my location.


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    Re: Prajna Paramita materials

    Hey Will!

    Just tried it once more, it seems to be working fine. Maybe you could try the main address first and then click yourself to prajna-paramita heaven?

    Gassho, I'll sit with you guys in a few minutes....though maybe not with my computer turned on.

    All the Best,


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    Re: Prajna Paramita materials

    Thanks for the link! That's a great find.

    That crazy font has to go though, half a page and my head hurts

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    Re: Prajna Paramita materials

    Awesome link! And speaking of books out of print, has anybody seen the Teachings of Homeless Kodo floating in cyberspace?

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