In Zen practice we hear things like:

Just sit
Just Walk
Just eat
Just stand
Just Lay down
Just do the dishes

I think these lists are a little short. A human being is made up of way more than this. I think we are forgetting some categories:

Just laugh
Just cry
Just rearrange the furniture
Just play frisbee
Just spit (with dignity of course :roll: )
Just give a hug
Just shake a hand
Just bang your head to AC/DC (with dignity of course ops: )
Just fix it whatever it is
Just give a shoulder to lean on
Just give encouragement
Just give a hard surface that is difficult for anyone to climb( for it makes them stronger)
Just relax
Just have cold
Just have cancer
Just enjoy yourself
Just do what you've got to do
Just make a joke
Just play air guitar
Just shake that rump (with know... dignity)
Just think
Just feel
Just be human (but don't be blind :wink: )