Just had a scary experience and zen one all at he same time.

Thought I'd try out my fishing sit on top kayak tonight in the surf near to shore to sea how it would be in rough seas and re-entry's etc. No mates were about to go with but I thought I'd be fine. A sensible thing to get the experience, but not on your own even close to shore ops:

Anyway it was great going out, surf was 4-5foot and no problem, got out past the breakers about 100yards and had a few rides back , back-paddled back out as the kayak is a ponderous beast to turn and didn't want to get broached out in breakers. That is until I thought sod it I should manage to turn it back into the surf in time, you guessed it I got dumped on by a biggie and the world began to swim and swirl :lol:

Came back up with the yak, turned it right side up but no way could I get back on in the surf. This is the North Sea by the way 7c at the moment, cold. But I had the right gear on.

Instead of panicing, all be came calm, I relaxed, I saw the sea, I saw the land, I saw the sun set and I felt it's power. In between trying various routes back onto the yak, which all failed, I managed to stay centred, hang on and kick for shore. It seemed as is time didn't matter but at the same time it really really did but all I had to do was keep on going. I noticed me getting closer. And eventually, know idea how long. I was on the shore. The shock kicked in and the non-zen part started dragging everything back to the van, home, shower and warm up. Now I hurt :lol:

Very scary but beautiful at the same time.

Oh, and I know it was stupid to practise these things on my own but then some times I am.