I received this message from a fellow who registered for the Forum yesterday, and I found it one of the most refreshing comments I have received in awhile. I just wanted to post it, and the fellow said I could. I suppose we will hear from him from time to time, or maybe not ... And that's great!

Here is to all the folks who would rather sit than discuss sitting!

I had a break from sitting for a couple of years upon my return ..., but now have been sitting everyday, no matter what ... [But] I don't read any books on Zen and although I love reading people's questions and comments on your lovely site and some others, I rarely think 'Zen' anymore. I used to read everything and be constantly stuck on what Zen was and how I should progress, but now I have quite a bit of faith that 'just sitting' is enough...

I'm interested in the online sitting. I have a Sangha close-by but I really just want to sit rather than discuss Zen.

Thanks Jundo.
Thanks to you too, and Deep Bows,