I was watching X and XI of the Zazen for Beginners of the vids of "Sit along with Jundo" and he got me thinking about non-attainment. I'm the type of person who when he doesn't understand something, has to have an answer, sometimes more detailed than normal, in order to understand it. Who'd have thunk it was... nothing! Just be... that sounds like an answer to me!
Anyways, i will continue to watch these as my computer allows them to (the internet is a little faster now that my roommate is not trying to download the whole trilogy of the lord of the rings movies in one 4 GB file), but they aer still being picky. So I'll just have to baby the videos until I see them in full each time. I had to do it for X, and I'll do it again for the rest of them.
Sorry, but I felt like posting this thread.