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Thread: Happy Mother's Day, Kannon!

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    Happy Mother's Day, Kannon!

    Hellos to everyone here browsing.
    A co worker of mine noticed I had a Kannon statue at my desk and she said she was in the process of getting rid of things--she wanted to know if I would want to accept her Kannon collection. She had quite a collection. I've been enjoying seeing the different representations of Kannon in various poses.
    I've had a chance to contemplate compassion as embodied by Kannon. I don't know that much about Kannon, Quan Yin, Kuan Yin,
    and how Avalokiteshvara assumed the female form of Kannon. It has been lovely just to look at Kannon with her vial of medicine as she is depicted holding it, and portrayed pouring it, In one statue she is pouring the vial into the mouth of a dragon, with another into the mouth of a fierce looking dog; always with her robes blowing in wind, her hair piled atop her head, always poised, always lovely. Sometimes she is sitting, but this is not as typical.
    After spending some time with these beauties I brought them with me to the group I sit with for a Mother's Day Kannon give away.
    Mothering, now there's a verb for you!
    Happy Mother's Day to all of us who have received mothering, let each of us (male and female) also appreciate the mothering we have done for/to others.

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    Re: Happy Mother's Day, Kannon!

    Happy Mother's Day to you too Keishin a/k/a Kannon!

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