Hi everyone,

Since Jundo cannot make it to this Saturday's sitting session maybe some of us who cannot make it on Monday could stil meet for a 30 min zazen sitting in the Zen hall the "usual" Saturday time (3 pm UTC)? Anyone interested?

Rumor has it there are interesting Buddhist discussions going on in the Second Life Sangha :wink: and we do have a Sangha of our own that has so much to offer. It would be great if some of you could stop by the Meeting hall AFTER the sitting and we could have a little live chat about practice and how it unfolds for you, get to know each other's "Buddhist histories". One thing that I look forward to hearing is your feedback on is what you think it means to be a Buddhist in our time and in our world, have you eve heard a comment "that's not very Buddhist of you"?
Whatever you have, bring it there, it is just an imporvisational talk and requires no preparation. We will try to not keep it long and you can leave at any time, of course.

Tony and I will be there. Hope someone else will join us!



Just a reminder: don't forget to turn your mics off before getting into the Zen hall.