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Thread: Buddhist holidays

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    Buddhist holidays

    Dear treeleafers!

    I have received an e-mail invitation to celebrate the Buddhist holiday called Vesak together with the Buddhists from different traditions and realised I know nothing at all about the Buddhist holidays. Can someone recommend a site where I can read on it? What are the holidays celebrated in the Soto Zen tradition? Thanks in advance,



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    Re: Buddhist holidays

    Hi Irina,

    In Japan, Buddha's Birthday comes a month early (not a problem, since Buddhas are timeless). We had a little retreat that day, and here is some other information. ... hday#p9099

    I think that every moment is Buddha's B-day, which is just Irina's B-day!

    Gassho, Jundo

    P.S. - I does tend to be a bit less of a great holiday in Japan compared to some other place, such as Korea and Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam ... ... 3cCw&hl=en ... DiCw&hl=en ... DiCw&hl=en

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    Re: Buddhist holidays

    Thank you, Jundo!

    I will have a look at those.

    zoukithustra : it does sound like fun, indeed. Something to remember.



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