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Thread: Music on the mind

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    Music on the mind

    I love music, and listen to music often during the day. I have the advantage of working in a home office, so can listen to what I want to. My tastes are broad, from Bach to the Grateful Dead; from Beethoven to punk rock; from jazz to shakuhachi music.

    However, from time to time, I get a tune stuck in my mind (right now it's Beethoven's 21st piano sonata, the magnificent Waldstein). When this happens, the music often keeps playing when I try to sit. It can be frustrating, and, while I try to let go of it so it fades away, that doesn't always work.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Music on the mind

    Hi, Kirk.
    Happens to me everyday . . . every single day. Granted, I sometimes spend 8 or 10 hours daily working with music in some form, but still you'd think that I'd get it out of my system. Sometimes it is existing music, sometimes it is music that is being created (now that's a brain twister: how am I creating music without meaning to? Art Blakey once said that the jazz he played wasn't his, that he was simply the channel for God's music. I see how he could say that.).

    I have learned to let it be the "scenery of zazen." It passes (sometimes, anyway) if I don't care about it and simply let it be.


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    Re: Music on the mind

    Not sure if this helps?

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    Re: Music on the mind

    On a more serious note, If something happens that affects our mood, we tend to carry it for longer, good or bad. As music, good or bad, can have such a great effect on our mood, it could be the feeling wanting to be recreated and so the music repeated.

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    Re: Music on the mind

    I've experienced this too. I've learned it passes the longer I sit, or it becomes "background" music and I just let it be, not trying to make it stop or turn up in volume, etc. just letting it pass. I also sympathize with Hez on kids tv shows--those are the worst ones! Damn you Wiggles and Little Einsteins! :shock:

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    Re: Music on the mind

    I work on mixing, recording, and playing a song for about 12-14 hours some days(with breaks in between). Sometimes only listening to a 1 minute or 2 minute part for hours. Do I ever get a song stuck in my head? Sure. What to do about it? SIT.


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    Re: Music on the mind

    Hi Kirk.....

    some times I also hear the "music on the mind". Well, don't get frustrated, take it easy, and be relax
    I think you shouldn't worry about it. If it comes just comes, when it's stopped, just stop. Just let the music come and go...
    The only thing that you need to do is Just Sit.
    So, the music is played or not in your mind, it doesn't matter, just enjoy it . don't care about it...

    And believe me, whether you realize it or not, the music may not stop, but just disappear by itself...

    So, Enjoy your sitting. ..........SIT.....

    Gassho, Shui Di

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    Re: Music on the mind

    To all the folks who said "Just let it pass" "just sit with the music in the head" "the music may not stop, but just disappear by itself" etc.... I think that is good advice!

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Music on the mind

    Yeah. It's good to just notice it and bring your attention back to something else. I'll have a song part going through my head in extraordinary detail. I just let it go, notice it and do something else. Don't fight it


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    Re: Music on the mind

    Music has always been in my mind, but mostly whenever I wanted it too. Sometimes i get a song stuck in my head, but i would let it run its course, get involved a little even, tehn later something came up and I forgot it for the moment. this was before I started learning about zazen, and saw the video on Jundo's blog that explains sometimes you have to let a thought run its course, if it comes back again and again.

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    Re: Music on the mind

    Let me mention too that our main Practice of Shikantaza is not focusing on the breath (just sitting with open, spacious mind). However, on those days when the mind will just not settle down due to a flood of emotions, a problem that is pressing on you, or a song that is stuck ... nothing wrong with focusing on or counting the breath for a few minutes or so until things settle a bit.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Music on the mind

    Ah, that is very helpful, Jundo. I did not know that.
    Is there a specific article I could read (in absence of a book ) that explains this Shikantaza a bit? I'm curious now. Eheh. Meh, maybe I'm overcomplicating it. I do that sometimes. :wink:

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