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    Just thought I'd mention that I went to a 5 day sesshin last weekend, led by Paul Haller of the San Francisco Zen Center and took the precepts at the end of it. I managed the sesshin ok with a lot of help from a kind friend. My new name is Taizan Shin Do,


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    Re: Jukai

    MAZEL TOV!! John (that's Jewish for "Good News"!). Omedetto Gozaimasu!! (same in Japanese) ...

    Congratulations! I guess I can call you "Shindo" now?

    Does your name mean "Great Mountain True Way"?? (Just guessing without seeing the Chinese characters).

    I hope you will keep those Precepts well.

    Gassho, Jundo

    PS - We will get around to our own Jukai here at Treeleaf ... ... soon.

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    Re: Jukai



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    Re: Jukai

    Thank you. It means 'Peaceful Mount Way Trust' or so I am told. I hope I can live up to it as well. Thought I might use 'Taizan' - never thought of Shindo, but it sounds ok too


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    Re: Jukai

    Hi Taizan Shin Do!

    That's terrific - congratulations!


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    Re: Jukai

    congratulation.... Taizan Shin Do...

    Gassho, Shui Di

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    Re: Jukai

    Congratulations John

    Yeh I think there are a few of us waiting in the wings fr the Treeleaf Jukai details :wink:

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    Re: Jukai

    Today's sit is offered up as my gift of best wishes to you. Be well.
    Yours Truly,
    Louis the CatProdYidhista

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    Re: Jukai

    Quote Originally Posted by HezB
    Congratulations, Taizan (do you wear a loin cloth?)
    Oh man, that's so bad! :lol:

    Quote Originally Posted by louis
    Louis the CatProdYidhista
    Hey Louis, I thought you were just a Catlick! :wink:

    Many congrats Taizan Shin Do.

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    Re: Jukai

    Quote Originally Posted by HezB
    Congratulations, Taizan (do you wear a loin cloth?)

    Good to see the Dharma flourishing in old "Norn Iron".

    Now, are you a Catholic Buddhist, or a Protestant Buddhist :?: :P
    Me Taizan you Jain? There were 50 of us crammed into a room in Benburb priory - great to see it. I love the atmosphere of 50 people being completely still and silent. It's funny - there seem to be more Catholics attracted to Zen than Protestants in NI. Don't know why that is. Zen seems a more 'Presbyterian' i.e. starker and freer of ornamentation, form of Buddhism to me,


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    Re: Jukai

    Good for you and congratulations.


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    Re: Jukai




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    Re: Jukai

    Gassho Taizan Shin Do.


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    Re: Jukai

    Congrats Taizan Shin Do/John!


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    Re: Jukai

    Congrats. How did it go.

    Was it a retreat where you slept overnight and practiced through the day or do you come to the priory each morning.

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    Re: Jukai

    Taizan Shin Do,


    I look forward to our Jukai here at Treeleaf!


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    Re: Jukai

    Congratulations Taizan Shin Do!



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    Re: Jukai

    Congratulations, Taizan Shin Do!

    Gassho, (still just) Tony or Boone

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    Re: Jukai

    Congratulations Shindo Gassho Kent

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    Re: Jukai

    Sei un grande!! ( the italian for you're great)

    Maybe one day i'll be able to manage a sesshin too :wink:

    Again, many congratulations!!!

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    Re: Jukai

    Heartfelt congratulations

    When you have time tell us more about the sesshin - please

    Best wishes


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    Re: Jukai

    Many blessings on furthering your commitment. Ante's now been up-ed a bit, eh? :wink:


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    Re: Jukai

    Thanks for all the encouragement and kind comments. I have sat 5 day sesshins in the past (this was fully ressidential, starting at 6.20 am to 9pm) - but I was a bit anxious about the accessibility of the old priory this one was held in, since I am in a wheelchair. I took to heart this teaching from a John Tarrant teisho on a koan:

    Itís so obvious, once you know the trick. If you walk up to a cliff, a door will appear. The obstacle is itself the gate. This only happens if Iím willing to keep walking. Each wall is a large, rather smooth, dark expanse and I keep walking toward it without knowing what will happen and then a doorway appears ... easons.htm


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    Re: Jukai

    Congratulations Taizan
    May the road rise up before you .....

    Greetings and in gassho, Nadi

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    Re: Jukai

    Very nice! Congrats Taizan Shin Do!


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    Re: Jukai

    Thanks for sharing the news.

    May all benefit from your practice!


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    Re: Jukai

    Giddyup, Taizan Shin Do! Keep on saving'em sentient dudes.

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