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Thread: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

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    Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    Hi All,

    This Saturday will be our next MONTHLY "HALF-DAY" SITTING, which we hold on the first Saturday of each month. We are now sitting 4 hour sittings for these "Zazenkai", although I hope to transition to 8 hour and longer retreats later this year.

    Saturday's sitting will run from 9pm until approximately 1am Japan Time, which (by my calculation - PLEASE CONFIRM BY JAPAN TIME) is Saturday, 5am to 9am in Vancouver, 8am to noon in New York, 1pm to 5pm in London, 2pm to 6 pm in Paris. I will be sitting in the "Always Open Sitting Hall". As well, it is my intent to record the Zazenkai on USTREAM for later participation by those who cannot be with us until a later date. On the day of the retreat, you will be able to join via links on the Treeleaf "Leaf" blog.


    The schedule for this Saturday will be as follows:

    00:00 00:50 CEREMONY (HEART SUTRA in English ONLY / SANDOKAI) & ZAZEN
    00:50 01:00 KINHIN
    01:00 01:40 ZAZEN
    01:40 01:50 KINHIN
    01:50 02:30 ZAZEN & DHARMA TALK
    02:30 02:40 KINHIN
    02:40 03:20 ZAZEN
    03:20 03:30 KINHIN

    As you can see, there will be 5 periods of Zazen, each 40 minutes long, although several will include time for chanting. In between each period of Zazen, there will be a 10 minute period for Kinhin walking (which will also serve for any needed bathroom breaks).

    We will be chanting the Heart Sutra in English (I plan to alternate English & Japanese each month), plus the Sandokai in English only, at the start, and the Fukanzazengi in Japanese at the end of the day. I will also be asking people to do a series of floor prostrations (in sets of 3) during the opening ceremony and at the closing, although you may substitute deep standing "Gassho" if you wish (please see the talk on the philosophy of prostrations, below).

    If you do not have it, please download and print our "Treeleaf Chantbook" and keep it handy near your Zafu during the retreat.

    You may also download and review the explanatory materials for our last retreat, although not all apply in this case (we will not be doing Oryoki eating or Samu work during this Zazenkai, although I hope to add those in the future).

    I will lead and talk us through it, so please just play "follow the leader" if not sure what to do. You may also wish to review these general instructions for behavior in a Zendo, which I will be attempting to follow as closely as possible. Again, I will try to talk us through it. ... uette.html

    Skye was kind enough to make available a series of talks I gave in preparation for our last retreat. If you have time, please give a listen to those before Saturday. Not all apply in this case, so it is only suggested to listen to the following:

    TALK 2: Chanting the Heart Sutra 1 ... php?page=2

    A little discussion about chanting the Heart Sutra in English. Tomorrow, we will discuss chanting the Heart Sutra in Japanese.

    For today, I will just be practicing the beginning of the English version (Please note that the wording in the Treeleaf Chantbook that we will be using Saturday is slightly different from the following):

    INO ONLY =

    Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra*
    (The Great Sutra of Perfect Understanding)


    A/vo/lo/ki/tes/va/ra/ Bo/dhi/satt/va/,

    Prac/ti/cing/ deep/ Praj/na/ Pa/ra/mi/ta/ *

    Per/ceived/ the/ emp/ti/ness/ of /all /five /con/di/tions/,

    And/ was/ freed/ of/ suf/fer/ing/.

    O/ Sha/ri/pu/tra/, form/ is/ no/ o/ther/ than/ emp/ti/ness/,

    Emp/ti/ness/ no/ o/ther/ than/ form/;

    Form/ is/ pre/cise/ly/ emp/ti/ness/, emp/ti/ness/ pre/cise/ly/ form/.

    ... and the end ...

    This/ is/ no/ o/ther/ than/ truth/.

    There/fore/ set/ forth/ the/ Praj/na/ Pa/ra/mi/ta/ man/tra/.

    Set/ forth/ this/ man/tra/ and/ pro/claim/:*


    Gate! Gate! (Gone, Gone)

    Paragate! (Gone Beyond)

    Parasamgate! (Fully Beyond)

    Bodhi! Svaha! (Awakening, Rejoice)

    If you would like to hear an Mp3 of a somewhat different version in English (just to hear the rhythm), link here: (MP3) (Realplayer)
    TALK 3: Chanting the Heart Sutra 2 ... php?page=3

    ... a little discussion about chanting the Heart Sutra in Japanese:

    Maka Hannya Haramita Shin Gyo*

    Kan Ji Zai Bo Satsu Gyo Jin Han Nya Ha Ra Mi Ta Ji Sho Ken Go* On Kai Ku Do I Sai Ku Yaku Sha Ri Shi Shiki Fu I Ku Ku Fu I Shiki Shiki Soku Ze Ku Ku Soku Ze Shiki Ju So Gyo Shiki Yaku Bu Nyo Ze Sha Ri Shi Ze Sho Ho Ku So Fu Sho Fu Metsu Fu Ku Fu Jo Fu Zo Fu Gen Ze Ko Ku Chu Mu Shiki Mu Ju So Gyo Shiki Mu Gen Ni Bi Ze Shin Ni Mu Shiki Sho Ko Mi Soku Ho Mu Gen Kai Nai Shi Mu I Shiki Kai Mu Mu Myo Yaku Mu Mu Myo Jin Nai Shi Mu Ro Shi Yaku Mu Ro Shi Jin Mu Ku Shu Metsu Do Mu Chi Yaku Mu Toku I Mu Sho Tok ko Bo Dai Sat Ta E Han-Nya Ha Ra Mi Ta Ko* Shin Mu Kei Ge Mu Kei Ge Ko Mu U Ku Fu On Ri Is-Sai Ten Do Mu So Ku Gyo Ne Han San Ze Sho Butsu E Han Nya Ha Ra Mi Ta Ko* Toku A Noku Ta Ra San Myaku San Bo Dai Ko Chi Han-Nya Ha Ra Mi Ta Ze Dai Jin Shu Ze Dai Myo Shu Ze Mu Jo Shu Ze Mu To To Shu No Jo Is sai Ku Shin Jitsu Fu Ko Ko Setsu Han Nya Ha Ra Mi Ta Shu Soku Setsu Shu Watsu Gya* Tei Gya Tei Ha Ra Gya Tei Hara* So Gya Tei Bo Ji Sowa Ka Han Nya Shin Gyo

    If you would like to practice with a very nice traditional version ... click here:

    And if you would like to watch it in all its formal glory, performed at a Japanese temple (our Retreat's Ceremony will be a somewhat simplified version of the same), this video is CERTAINLY worth watching ...
    TALK 6: Prostrations ... php?page=6

    ... there will be times of prostrating (Raihai), done in a series or three (Sanpai) ...

    I am often asked to whom or what we are bowing ... Is it to some thing, god, person or effigy?

    I answer by saying that there is nothing that's true that is omitted from our bow. We might consider that we're simply bowing to the whole universe, or to ourself and the other people around us after all, 'All are One'! The hands, palms upwards, are raised in a gesture traditionally symbolic of lifting the Buddha's feet over one's head, but that truly means lifting all things of the universe over one's head. It's appropriate to cultivate an attitude of emptying, letting go, receptivity and gratitude in our bows.

    If there is some physical or personal reason not to prostrate, a simple Gassho can be substituted. However, there is greatness in the humility of the prostration.

    I am sure we will become more skilled with time. Please join me in this great experiment.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday has many time zone conversion tools online.

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    Planning to be there then: Update: will be there all arangements made
    Best wishes

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    Hope it goes well for everybody. We'll miss it as we're up at Throssel for a family weekend and another Wesak celebration , seems the time zone diference between Japan and UK is bigger than I'd ever imagined :lol:

    In gassho, Kev

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    well it's a pity I can't join you guys.....
    I have a routine course to do every Saturday... ..
    But I'll wait the video in treeleafzen blogspot...... I hope the Zazenkai will be going well...

    Gassho, Shui Di

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    sorry I can't make it too.
    I hope it goes well and I will try and organise a sit with the recorded version (with or without sound :wink: ) during the week.



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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    Sorry I could not make this one as it is Derby Day here in Louisville KY, and prior engagements...excuses, excuses. I will have to make this up and make sure to be present in the future. Thanks again for making all this "on demand".


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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    Everything went quite well this time. Sound was good. Thank you again, Jundo.

    My first half day zazenkai.

    Oh, I forgot to say that the dharma talk today really "clicked" with me. Again, many thanks!

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    Thanks to everyone who sat the Zazenkai, and it is available on the blog for everyone else to sit it too, any time ... ... enkai.html

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    I'm going to try it tonight. Wish me luck


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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    Thank you Jundo

    No real technical problems - sound good, image a little dark, lost texting once - otherwise fine

    As for me - fine for the first couple of hours, then a bit gnarly towards the end (legs, back etc)

    As Tracey said - your dharma talk was spot on & echoed with me during zazen.

    Thanks again & how will have vision next time :-)

    Best wishes


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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    Really delayed and choppy on this end. I had to keep refreshing the page to make sure everyone was either sitting or doing kinhin. Kept losing connection as well.

    For the Dharma talk really choppy. At one point
    I heard: ......silence....and that what the Buddha....silence... but it was.....silence....and then..... etc.

    That's just my connection.

    Thanks Jundo.

    Gassho Will

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    I just remembered that Trace, Bill and Jools mentioned an echo. You can turn that off if you mute the other sitters in the room. Also, if your not using your mic you can mute it.

    The sound was much better this sit Jundo.

    Gassho Will

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    Re: Reminder: Monthly Zazenkai on Saturday

    I did the recorded version last night.

    My first also (Sore knees, aching back, monkey brain).

    Everything worked well with the recording.

    Thank you Jundo and everyone,


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