Hi Jundo and everyone :mrgreen:

Because I'm a beginner, that's why I want to ask for your opinion about my practice.

Jundo said that in Zazen there is nothing to achieve. Because Zazen can't be separated with enlightenment itself.

So, When I do Zazen, I just let everything as it is, because everything was complete, the reality was complete.

But, then the problem occur.
When I just let the body and mind as it is, then my mind is like a monkey. Well, I just let it become like a monkey, as it is. I try to let it go and come, so it doesn't disturb me again.
But, some times it can make me lose my awareness.

So, is it right for me to just continue the way I practice?

Is "losing the awareness" also the reality itself?

I really hope your opinion.... and Thanks

Gassho, Shui Di.