Dear all,

If someone who knows how it is supposed to work and has a minute could meet me in the meeting hall so I can set my webcam (I haven't seen the people in the zen hall yet!) I would be very greatful. I would also probably need to adjust the mic (I don't have one actually but use the one in my laptop) so I have no idea what it sounds like. I would very much like to join the people in the zen hall for a siting but am afraid to show up with the hardware not tested. If that person also would like to sit 20-30 min zazen after that would be a bonus. :-)

Later today (I am aware it is Friday so...) or tomorrow in the first part of the day is fine with me, just let me know what time is fine and I will be there. I guess the best way is to drop a note by email ( as I have my computer on most of the time and will be able to reply. Thanks in advance! Hope it is not too much trouble!

In gassho,