A couple of rather good podcasts I've listened to recently with connections to my practice at least...

How we might get along:

http://nigelwarburton.typepad.com/philo ... ppiah.html

What hasn't worked out too well, and a rather cold splash on the idea of progress:

http://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail-e ... ian-dreams

I've noticed a pattern in the philosophical systems I'm attracted to as pragmatic and helpful and those I feel aversion to as being dangerous and destructive. The former always has an element of "simultaneous true perspectives", whether it is "we're both right, and both wrong" or "I'm a citizen of this country but also the world" or "You and I are different and also the same" or "You are the perpetrator but also a victim".... I guess that's why I'm here. Black & white answers give me the creeps!