Central to our practice is sitting, unfortunately some people don't have alot of time; however 30 minutes can be found somewhere, I think, even if it means getting up earlier. In practice from what I have learned is that sometimes we need to break past our usually habits and such. Schedule has helped me in the sense that it presents all my laziness, and distraction. Too sit whenever you feel like it seems to be anti-productive in that sense. Whether we feel like it or not the sitting has to be done. So we kind of notice the little stories we tell ourselves. No I won't sit now. I can sit later. ummm...nope sit now. I think this will produce a stronger practice then the sometimes approach. Sitting is central to our practice, it should be given a little more importance. Taking what we learn on the zafu off the zafu is the point. Relentless practice day in and day out when it's time to sit. Just two cents

Gassho Will