An elderly man sat sobbing miserably on a park bench. A woman
approached him and said "Sir, why are you crying? Are you poor and
needy? Do you need some money?"

"No" replied the old man. "I have plenty of money on me."

"Are you homeless then?" asked the kind woman.

"No" replied the old man through his tears. "I told you, I have money,
I live in a very large house, with servants and luxuries."

"Ah" said the woman, "I know why you're sad. You must be very lonesome
living in that house all alone."

"No" he replied, crying even harder. "I actually have a very beautiful
25 year old wife who tends to all my needs and wishes."

"Well then" asked the woman perplexed, "If you have all these things,
why on Earth are you so sad?"

To this the old man looked up and replied: "I forgot where I live."