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Thread: Sit along in Europe

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    Sit along in Europe


    Anyone in Europe for a 30 minutes sit along tonight (1st. April) at 10 PM CET = 8 PM UTC?
    Everyone else is also welcome! It is just much easier for me to find out the European time zones

    Deep Gassho,

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    Re: Sit along in Europe

    I'd like to, but that's about 4am here


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    Re: Sit along in Europe

    I might drop in, I usually sit around that time anyway (noon-ish here). However I pulled my hamstring while sitting on Sunday (how extreme is that?) so I'll have to see if I can stretch it out. I got in this place of no-pain when I should have been listening to my body... haha sitting is a good teacher...


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    Re: Sit along in Europe

    Yup. I'll do my best to be there 9pm UK time.


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    Re: Sit along in Europe

    Cool! And Will, I am sure you will be sleeping well at that time

    See you guys soon!

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    Re: Sit along in Europe

    I think I can make it then. I may be a little late so will apologise in advance.
    Hope to see you all there.

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    Re: Sit along in Europe

    C U THR, but not tonight, tomorrow. 9pm in the UK

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    Re: Sit along in Europe


    It was nice to sit yesterday! We should do it more often!


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    Re: Sit along in Europe

    Yes thanks to you both. I normally sit between 22:00 and 23:00EST will have to do it online.
    (but I will be off for ten days)

    All the best,


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    Re: Sit along in Europe

    Hey Phillip,

    Have a save trip! And see you soon!


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