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Thread: How do you turn the mike on??

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    How do you turn the mike on??

    Hey Guys,

    Well, by next week's Saturday sitting, I promise to get the microphone turned on ... and the lights turned on ... and have a proper sitting room and altar arranged ... and remember do the Kinhin... and all kinds of stuff!

    But this week was what it was. Sorry that you could not hear me. If you would like to see it again, but with sound, look here: ... ar-me.html

    Remember: We are pioneers! Like the Wright Brothers of Cyber-Zazen, and they only flew 10 meters the first time.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: How do you turn the mike on??

    Thanks Jundo and everyone else.
    There may be a few creases to iron out but the sitting as a Sangha worked incredibly well.

    Thanks very much and good to meet you all who could attend, speak, listen or stay online et cetera.


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    Re: How do you turn the mike on??

    Another item for the FAQ!

    How To Be Heard By Others

    When you join a room, your mic is turned OFF by default. To turn it on, hover your mouse over your own image and the MIC text will appear. Click it so that it is highlighted green, your mic is now ON.

    Note that if you reload the page, you will have to turn your mic on again.

    If you still can't be heard by others (assuming they haven't muted you, see below), then verify your settings by right-clicking on your own video feed (Control-click on Mac) and selecting Settings... from the Flash plugin menu. From the Microphone tab, you can select the input device and verify that the levels bounce when you talk. If you don't see the level bars bouncing to the left of the volume control when you talk, something's wrong with your hardware.

    How Hear Others

    When someone joins a room, they are muted by you by default. Click on the MUTE text to un-highlight and hear that person.


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    Re: How do you turn the mike on??

    Yes, well ... I probably should have learned how to do that BEFORE the sitting. Thank you, Skye.

    Guys, come again next Saturday!!

    Gassho, J

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    Re: How do you turn the mike on??

    Feel free to pop in before or after one of our weekday sessions and we'll get it sorted out!

    I'm collecting the information together for a FAQ post in the other board now, I'll post the link shortly


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