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Thread: sit alongs??

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    sit alongs??

    Is anyone else having problems viewing the sit a longs?


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    Re: sit alongs??

    Hi Will,

    They are having some technical problem at USTREAM (first Operator11 went all buggy, now USTREAM). Hopefully, USTREAM will get it figured out soon.

    In the meantime, if the talk will not play when you hit the "play" arrow, next press the small half moon shaped arrow button right below the screen ... that works!

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: sit alongs??

    Alright. Thanks Jundo.I tried that and still no go.


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    Re: sit alongs??

    It's the arrow thing next to the small play button, inbetween that and the white playbar ball. it works for me.
    (I can try and translate the talk to dance in the meditation room, if that helps )

    On a different note, Jundo do you have the name of the painter of the fish?

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    Re: sit alongs??


    I took it off Google Images ... I believe this is the source. Very lovely ...

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    Re: sit alongs??

    Play buttons works fine on this one for me today: ... xxiii.html

    Yesterday I had to hit the refresh/reload/half-moon button to get it to play.
    Hopefully UStream will stick around longer than Operator11!


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    Re: sit alongs??

    Very nice thanks for the link.
    I especially like the creases on the paper, they give a great rippling effect over the image.

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