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Thread: Video conferencing

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    Re: Video conferencing

    As requested, there's now a Meeting room as well, feel free to chat, test your setup, etc here:

    There's links back and forth from the Sitting room.


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    Re: Video conferencing

    Thank you very much Syke - this is great & I will try and visit when I can. I'm afraid my working & family life will preclude anything much Monday to Friday during the day and early evening. Also our PC is in a public part of the house (so I can keep an eye on the kids on the internet) - so this may hamper some of my participation as I don't won't family tip toeing around too much

    Just a thought & an open question to all - do you think this part of the zendo should be password protected?

    Kindest regards & thanks to all


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    Re: Video conferencing

    Well guys. Phil (aka Plankton) and I just had a 30 minute sit. Good stuff.


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    Re: Video conferencing

    Ygh... Whenever I try to find you guys, I see an empty room... I have to figure out the time. I would love to sit along!

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    Re: Video conferencing

    Hey Agata. That's strange. We should be there. Are you going to the meeting room or the sitting room? Skye and I just finished a 30 minute sit. I noticed some people tried to come on, but no screen. We had 3 on there yesterday.

    Ok. Here's the time for Denmark

    16:00pm (Jundo will lead the sitting at that time tomorrow

    I also sit at 10:30am

    and 1:00am :roll:

    So those are the Denmark times just pop on at those times. See you there.


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    Re: Video conferencing

    Be sure I will be there! I just finished sitting and then I saw Jundo sitting with me! Amazing! This is truly an amazing experience! Makes me wanna sit all the time!

    See you soon.

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    Re: Video conferencing

    You're a genius Skye! Thanks for all the work you have put into this. I think I got my webcam set up though it's a laptop type and keeps falling over because I'm using a desktop now. :? Hope to get to sitting at 10.30 UK time tonight,


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    Re: Video conferencing

    Skye i just purchased that camera you recommended. if i have questions about how to operate it :? may i ask for your expert advice Gassho, Kent

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