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Thread: We're back :D

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    We're back :D

    Move to the new host complete - took a little longer than expected, the database import was rather... tricky.

    Anyway, if anything's not working right, drop me a line. Enjoy!


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    Re: We're back :D

    Things are WAY faster. Thanks very much.


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    Re: We're back :D


    Amazing work. Folks, he basically moved the whole monastery, single handedly, overnight. (I see that he even found time to redesign the Forum banner a little!) I assume that it was many hours of work.

    If the Buddha has a 'tech department' to run the universe, I am sure that Skye will be in charge someday. Maybe he can fix some of the bugs and glitches in our world (which, granted, is probably still in Beta).

    Thank you Skye.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: We're back :D

    Excellent. Definitely seems to be running better now.

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    Re: We're back :D

    Thank you very much -


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    Re: We're back :D

    Good job Skye. Thanks


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    Re: We're back :D

    Thank you Skye - much appreciated - the site is running like a dream, marvellous
    Best wishes

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    Re: We're back :D

    What a great job Skye. your work is much appreciated. it sooooooo fast!

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    Re: We're back :D

    WOOT!!! Nicely done, son!!

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    Re: We're back :D

    Thank you Skye. Very nice.


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    Re: We're back :D

    Brilliant. Thank you. I


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    Re: We're back :D

    Thanks Skye, It's great



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    Re: We're back :D


    Well done and thank you!


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