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    I'd like to start off by saying that the 'new' forum looks great. But.... loading the pages seems to be pretty slow on my computer. It could be just my computer, but it wasn't so slow before the make over nd other forums I use seem OK.

    Is there anything I can do if it is my computer or do I just need to take the opportunity for some of those Insta-sits

    In gasho, Kev

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    Re: slow?

    Nope its not your computer or the new forum upgrade, its the hosting provider ( The server this site is running on is completely overloaded and its causing the slowdowns and random database errors.

    I wrote a test program here that you can check the performance of the server with:

    If the page doesn't come up, or it reports a really low score (less than 100 rows per second) then its the server making things go slow, not your computer or internet connection.

    In short, yes, it's an opportunity for some of those Insta-sits


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    Re: slow?

    Arrggg, now it's making double thread posts.

    Thanks for the explanation Skye.

    But please tell me you put this double topic up :lol: I'm sure it wasn't me :lol:

    Going to put the tin foil on my head.

    In trembling gassho, Kev

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    Re: slow?

    It is a little glacial at time - my score: Inserts completed in 13.3182 seconds (75.1 rows per second)
    What a great lesson in patience :?
    Best wishes

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    Re: slow?


    Yes, the glitches on this forum are each a lovely opportunity for an "Insta-sit". Just be present with the "General Connection Error" page.

    That being said, okay, Skye ... please write me privately about moving the monastery to another host, as you once suggested. I thank you in advance.

    You know, there is really nothing new about this. Zen monasteries used to move all the time when the mosquitoes in one place became to bad, or they were offered a better location and piece of real estate by some Feudal Lord, or just when they burned down. Heck, even Sojiji ... one of the two head temples (with Eiheiji) of the Soto school in Japan ... was located on completely the other side of Japan until about 100 years ago. That is good, cause they moved fairly near where I used to live for 10 years, making it much easier on me each week to go sit there!

    Sojiji in Noto was almost totally destroyed by fire in 1898. In reconstruction talks, leaders of the Temple insisted that it should be relocated somewhere near Tokyo to spread the Soto Zen in eastern Japan. With another great Soto Zen temple Eiheiji located only 150 kilometers south, it made sense to move it near nation's capital, though there was a serious controversy over the relocation. Finally, they reached a conclusion to relocate. Thirteen years later in 1911, the new Sojiji officially started its religious services at the present site in Tsurumi, Yokohama.

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