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Thread: Love? against you? Humour? Seriousness?

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    Love? against you? Humour? Seriousness?

    Seriously guys. Pardon the pun, but it seems some of us have to lighten up a bit. I'd like to thik that when I post something, I don't have too worry a tremendous amount about offending someone. I mean really. The whole point of practice is to notice when we feel offense or anger about something. I would prefer us to treat each other like we are friends or brothers and sisters with good humour. I don't hink any sort of negative attitude is beneficial. I heard someone say on E-Sangha. It was Hui Neng. He said that we should try to think that the other pereson is posting in good spirits or something like that. I mean. You've never met me. You might have seen a video I made with Jundo many months ago, but really. So we've got to give a little. I've never met you either. But no one is hurting anyone (from what I can tell) so no need to get so "testy". Humour. Love. Kindness.

    If you think that someone is harming someone else then, I guess that's your choice to step in, but presumptions don't help.

    I talk on this forum sometimes, but I've never sat with you or had breakfast together.

    Gassho Will

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    Re: Love? against you? Humour? Seriousness?

    Hi Will,

    I would not worry about anyone getting too testy. One of those things where we all read too much into something someone wrote in a post, and maybe this is such a case. I would not give such things much thought.

    By the way, if I do not say it enough, I really appreciate your posts, and I think everyone does. And the music is great!

    Gassho, J

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    Re: Love? against you? Humour? Seriousness?

    Okay, Will, but on the other post you wrote that you were going to "keep speaking when it calls for it whether you like it or not." How is this not being "testy" and defensive? Where's the "humor" and "love" in this, Will? You can't make a statement like this post without owning up to your own part in the whole drama.

    By the way, I think being "testy" sometimes is okay, as long as we are being respectful.

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