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Thread: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

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    Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    I plan to sit-a-long, with the first portion of the Treeleaf Zazenkai, this weekend.

    Anybody interested in joining me? I'll wait a little bit and see if anyone expresses an interest perhaps we could corridnate it so that we begin at the same time.

    leave a message at this thread.

    here is the schedule and link

    00:50 01:00 KINHIN
    01:00 01:35 ZAZEN
    01:35 01:45 KINHIN
    01:45 02:15 ZAZEN

    (approx. 2 hours 15 minutes)



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    bump . . . just to get the correct thread to the top here.

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    Actually. yeah, Gregor, not a bad idea. Saturday's shot, but I can do Sunday. A particular time you had in mind?

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    How about tomorrow morning like 8:30am? If your up for earlier that would work too.

    let me know.

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    Hi Guys,

    That's great. Let me mention that, now that I am back in Tsukuba, I hope to start a regular series of monthly or bi-monthly retreats and such.

    More news on that soon. We will surely do something for "Buddha's Birthday", which is April 8th in Japan (he was born other days in other places).

    And, of course, our long delayed "Jukai" preparations will commence shortly.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Hi, Greg, Kvon, and Jundo.

    I would love to join in the Zazenkai, but my wife has the stomach flu, so I'm the only grownup (and that's debatable) on duty with the munchkins this weekend.

    My best,

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    Your upcoming plans sound great. I'll definitely be involved with the activities.


    No problems, I understand your commitments. Sounds like a noble charge you have there!


    I'm going to go ahead and plan on 8:30 am, hope you can join me.



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    I'm there. Remember Daylight Savings.

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    Great! It's 8am right now, so i'm going to jump in the shower, grab a cup of tea. Then . . . get on the Zafu.



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    It was good, Gregor. I wasn't able to log in to let you know I was here... aftermath of the storms we had all night. But I was, and we sat.
    SO, after two and a quarter hours of Zazenkai with you, I'm off to sit with the little group I've been leading. In the words of Sasaki Roshi, "MORE ZAZEN!"
    Thanks Gregor. this was great!

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    I didn't know Jundo did a short, 2 hour Zazenkai. This is great. I'll do this later today. I know about the longer one and I still haven't done it yet. ops:

    I also must have missed the Jukai ceremony.

    Will this be considered a bona-fide Jukai ceremony? Are new folks like me allowed to participate and take precepts (should people like me do that)? Will we be doing a certain amount of study? :shock:

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    Nice sitting with you. I might try it again next week.


    This was just part one from the day long retreat from november, but it works nicely for a Sunday morning.

    good Jukai questions, btw.



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    I love the idea, I'll try and join the group next time. I'm not much of a morning person and working on servers until 7am the other night kind of messed up my schedule.

    Jundo, looking forward to the special events!


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    I'm definitely doing it again Sunday. Also considering trying it some morning this week, early, before work. Anyone in?

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    Alright! I just did it. I gotta say, the third zazen wasn't easy. Chanting the Heat Sutra with other voices was fantastic especially in Japanese. Thanks for the .pdf files on the chants, Jundo.

    Yeah, I'm in for next Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TracyF

    Will this be considered a bona-fide Jukai ceremony? Are new folks like me allowed to participate and take precepts (should people like me do that)? Will we be doing a certain amount of study? :shock:
    It will be as Jukai as a Jukai can be, completely Kosher!!! Yes, all are invited. There will be some weeks beforehand of studying the Precepts and Rakusu sewing (details on that soon), followed by a short retreat at the end ... and a ceremony to mark the whole thing. All online, but all 100% Jukai and approved by the Buddha!

    I think it will be the first time in world history that such a thing has been done online though.

    Gassho, Jundo

    PS - By the way, not to be confused, because of my use of the term "Kosher", with a "Jew-chai". That would be something else.

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    Wow! I can't thank you enough for all this, Jundo.

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    We'll know something's radically wrong if, at the beginning of Jukai, Jundo raises his hands in candlelight and opens with the words, "Baruch atah Adonai, eloheynu melech ha olam..."

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Gregor, Kvon, Tracy, Skye,
    I'd like to join you this coming Sunday. Also up for the Jukai. Looking forward to hearing more.


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    I'm interested in either a pre-work sit-along, or maybe one on the weekend. What times/time zones are y'all thinking about?

    Also, it seems like time to take the plunge and do the Jukai thing, when that comes up. I felt weird about the timing at first, doing a Big Serious Commitment(trademark) right after joining a brand new community, but even these couple of weeks have been enough for a measure of perspective to drip in.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    I'm going to do the "Mini-Zazenkai" 2 hour special again on Thursday morning at 5:am before work. Anyone in?
    I'll also be among the happy Zensters sitting on Sunday.
    I'm really digging the 2 hr Zazenkai thing!! I think maybe Sunday I might try to get a few people from my sitting group to join us, too.
    Zazen madness!
    Happy, sitting Zensters, taking over the world with... absolutely nothing.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    how do we all end up in the same online space? or do we just log on and watch the video at the same time?

    however it's done, I'm in

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Can't do tomorrow morning, I need to leave for work at 6:30 am . . . But will be up for Sunday again. Are we all talking 8:30am EST?


    We don't actually meet up, just click the link at the same time . . . sit through the video together

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    ok that's what i thought. my schedule doesn't work for early weekdays but i will be there for sunday morning.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    8:30 EST is great for Sunday. I'll be there with bells on.
    Meanwhile, I'm still sitting tomorrow AM. If anyone comes, cool!

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane
    how do we all end up in the same online space? or do we just log on and watch the video at the same time?

    however it's done, I'm in

    I can simulcast the sittings "live", but the "log on and watch at the same time" is how it has to be done other times.

    HOWEVER, I remind you of the philosophy around here: In sitting, drop all thoughts of "here" "there" "together" "apart" "now" "then" ... and so what separates us??

    Please sit with such thoughts (not) in mind.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    If we are all a go for Sunday 03/16/2008 at 0830 of course timezones may vary... I would also like to partcipate.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Hi Jundo,

    Nope, no need to simulcast, i just didn't want to be spending time looking for a link that was not there.

    hmmm, that sounds like a koan right there.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Sat today... was anyone else there? Here? you know what I mean.
    Sunday is gonna be good.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Hey ---

    Looks like I'm out for Sunday. Family stuff is going to get in the way. Have fun.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Well, dang, man. Ok. I'll sit in your honor. LOL Have a great day.
    Let me know if there's another day that works... I'll sit any time.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Sorry to hear you won't make it Greg. Have fun with the fam.

    OK, Kvon, Skye, Akemos, Donkey, Shane, and Damien. I'm still in for tomorrow. Hope you all can make it.


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Dear all,
    I'm in... I'll be "there".... sitting with you in fellowship, doing nothing.... !!


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Let's get this "party" started! I hope we all get nothing from this!


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Little late. I've got it started. Let's DO IT! :lol:

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    I joined late this morning, by about twenty minutes... my apologies... I had a four-year-old with a tummy ache this AM.

    I fidget way too much during the sitting! Will have to work on my posture and flexibility. I sit in a Burmese position but my back and hip flexors are way too tight...

    I would enjoy it if we made this a regular event.....! It is nice to know that we are doing nothing together! (Thanks Damian!)


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    wow the forum is slow today. i'm just now getting to post about zazen this morning. it was great! my power supply to the laptop got to nirvana before i did, though and i spent the kinhin time fighting with it...ended up going later to buy a whole new one.

    i did find i got fidgety in the 2nd round of zazen but it was good and smooth otherwise. i like the idea of doing this regularly.

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Hope your little one is feeling better, Alex.

    my power supply to the laptop got to nirvana before i did

    I had a 20 minute distraction so I missed the last part of the second zazen and kinhin and didn't bother to pause the video because I had work to do later. I was able to come back and finish up and it still was a great experience. Between Will's melody and the zazenkai's, I pretty much have the Heart Sutra memorized without having to try.

    I agree about making this a regular Sunday morning ritual. Good stuff all around. Thanks for joining me, guys!

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Tracy, Thanks for your wishes. I am amazed at how quickly kids cycle through tummy aches and "bugs".... this afternoon we were out sledding at a local farm, enjoying the longer afternoon sun, and I knew he was really feeling better when he asked for hot chocolate and whipped cream on the way home!

    I think doing this on Sunday mornings would be very cool - or whatever regular basis we agree upon... if we continue Sunday mornings perhaps we could start a little earlier? Thank you all for your presence - it helps to be in a community - and I feel all your presence when I sit - it helps a lot.


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    I kept trying to post yesterday but kept getting SQL server errors for the forum. I feel that going through this weekly (weakly ) would be a pretty good idea. It would be like a regular sitting group. I guess if everyone else is in agreement we could solidify plans for the next time.


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Hi Guys,

    Well, since it looks like there is some enthusiasm for the idea, and now that I am semi-settled back into Japan (still living in the kitchen though), how about we plan on a monthly day or half-day Zazenkai? I can livecast (and archive) a new one each month, and everyone can "sit-a-long" as their schedules allow ... dropping all thought of now, then, here, there. It would be run in exactly the same manner as most Zen Sangha hold a monthly one day or half day "Zazenkai". We can start with half days, and then experiment with full days too.

    I am hoping that our sitting group here in Tsukuba will become active again over the coming months, so then we will have folks sitting in 3 Dimensions here at "Treeleaf Japan"while everyone sits with us "out there". Soon, I will take you on a tour of Tsukuba. It is a very neat town.

    How does that sound? It will be the first step to the online multi-day retreat that I am planning for later this year.

    Let me know if you like the idea and might join in.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Sounds eenterezting. I like the idea.

    Gassho Will

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Sounds great to me, too.


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Sounds good to me!


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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Sounds good, Jundo. If the date works out, I could have my "3D" group here sit simultaneously.
    Meanwhile, I'm still big on the idea of sitting on Sundays. Anyone in for this week? Same Bat-Time, same Bat Channel?
    LOL "Sunday is Zenday at Treeleaf! Join us for 2 hours of Zazen madness!"

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Hey... Jundo- you might get a kick out of this. yesterday (Sunday) I did the 2 hour sitting here, then went over to sit with my group. After that, me and two other people went to the nursing home to sit there. (That's a monthly deal now.) So, by this time, I'm running on Zazen ether. That's a lot of Zazen.
    Now, at the home, we can only do about 15 minutes there, because of the limitations of the residents. Well, we were at about the eighth minute, and a guy who's about three hundred years old stood up, mid Zazen, and loudly queried in his best Brooklyn accent, "Hey... waddaya do if ya gotta pee?"
    It was... difficult to get back "in the zone" after that...

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    Just Pee!

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    Re: Anyone up for Zazenkai??

    That sounds like a wonderful idea to me also. Thank you very much.


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