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    KATZ >:|

    So I read once that it want possible for cats (or dogs) to be vindictive and that it was us monkeys giving theses creatures human qualities to their behavior. Whom ever wrote that should meet my pyscho-jealous kitty. This monkey went ape (lol i made a non-funny :/) when i made my latest discovery. A urine soaked zafu, zabuton and covering blanket.


    I've been still busy with home-life etc and haven't been showering our kitties with the amount of petting and praise they usually enjoy. That being said 3 of them never really care. One though... Affectionally nicknamed by by wife "lil polly pissy pants" Has issues with abandonment (for real) and will choose an article of clothing or object (my keyboard once, my jeans on the floor a time before) and use it as a toilet. The boxes are cleaned daily or every other day and there is nothing physically wrong.

    Any ideas on how i could go about cleaning these things? the zafu is easy but the zabuton is quite big. I made both of them and I'm not too shure how they will stand up against a washing machine

    Anywho suggestions there are welcome. Lesson learned here... if I had been sitting more often the kitty would see me on her level and would have received her wanted attention and may not have peed on the darned cushions (maybe on me but w/e) also that there is a healthy balance for all things and if they're left untended and balance is not restored.. you will soon find it out :/


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    Oh man... I don't know how to get the cat smell out, just wanted to let you know I feel your pain :shock:

    I love kitties but they can be downright evil!

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    Master Tung-kuo asked Chuang Tzu, "This thing called the Way-where does it exist?"
    Chuang Tzu said, "There's no place it doesn't exist."
    "Come," said Master Tung-kuo, "you must be more specific!"
    "It is in the ant."
    "As low a thing as that?"
    "It is in the panic grass."
    "But that's lower still!"
    "It is in the tiles and shards."
    "How can it be so low?"
    "It is in the piss and shit."
    Hey Dirk,

    My wife says she thinks it has something to do with vinegar, but you have to act fast.

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    Maybe try upholstery cleaner, if it's just a small area?

    If it's a kapok cushion, then the fibres are quite waterproof and buoyant. So really hard to wash in a bucket of water.

    My kapok zabuton has a removable cover that can go in the washer and dryer. But the care instructions for the cushion itself say to "spot clean or dry clean."

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    A little more work, but might help:

    If you made it, just take out the stuffing, and put the cover in the wash. Other than that, take some soap and a hose to it. May take a while to dry though.

    G, W

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    i heard that mixing vinegar and water in a spray bottle can neutralize the smell and keep cats away from it in the future, that's what i'm going to try for my bed which our cats like to mess up.

    pet stores also have special spray bottles which will either clean, scare cats away or both. they do get the smell out of it, though the ones i've used leave a pretty scary lemon scent instead.

    all the best,

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    thanks for the ideas! We actually clean most things with vinegar and water as it is but i always went for the worst chemical crap i could get my hands on when it came to cat urine :B I think ill go for the unstuffing and washing. Im going to actually wash the stuffing by hand in the tub then do the covers by hand (i don't thing my tailoring can hold up against the machine ).
    On a funny note i pulled and washed the covering blanket last night and when i came back to move the cushions our biggest cat was laying over the zafu, feet in the air, all contorted sleeping like a baby. had to let her snooze... she was still there @ 5:30am when i got up if all else fails i will just scrap it and build a new one (this time with the kapock


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