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Thread: Fun/educational/possibly helpful?

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    Fun/educational/possibly helpful?

    I have had this link for a while and thought I might share it if it has not been passed around here before. The concept is that you answer vocabulary questions. While you do this advertising is changing on the page. from the money the site makes from the ads you see they will donate 10 grains of rice per correct answer to the UN World Food Program. I just thought this might be nice to share if it has not been already.


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    Being the 'Skeptic' that i am, i checked it out ... and it is what it says it is. Sounds like a great cause.

    Thanks Damian.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Ahem, 3k yesterday in about 20 minutes, what dose vocabulary level 39 mean? :lol:

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    Or even better, in Shaku!

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    This is cool, it actualy goes to 40!

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    You may find some resistance to that action. :evil:
    And I only ware the glasses for shooting at targets farther than 300M, and their not that thick :!:

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    Says in the blurb that people rarely score above 48,
    I got a score of 50, does that make me "Word Captain"?

    Not that hard at all, and quite fun. Good to know there is a good cause.

    By genshin

    1240 grains of rice donated - how do they count the grains?

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    one at a time.

    they probably take the average weight of a single grain of rice multiply it by the number of grains tallied by the program per quarter and then order that many pounds (or kilos).

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