I had mentioned an upcoming retreat at the ASZC with Brad Warner. Well, it happened this weekend. I was unable to attend but did get by for a public talk on Sunday morning. The retreat had been well-attended and lots of folks were buzzing about the experience. Brad talked about the concept of ego....you can find the gist of it at his blog.
My reason for writing is that this was my first time at this zendo. As an active member of the Tibetan center connected with Emory, I was surprised and please by the starkness of the Soto zendo. It is really quite different from the more ornate shrine room at the Loseling center. And, my experience was different as well. The underlying experience of zazen was of course the same. And the hospitality at both centers is remarkable. I think I will be visiting the ASZC on many future occasions. How blesed am I to have two excellent sanghas?
David aka PapaDoc