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Thread: Taking a break

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    Taking a break

    Hey Gang,

    I'll catch you all on the other side. I'm shutting down my labtop for the next three days. . . it's just time to step away from the internet. A little micro retreat.

    much love,


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    Makin your way in the world today
    Takes everything you got
    Taking a break from all your worries
    Shure would help a lot

    Sometimes you gotta go
    Where nobody knows your name :wink:

    Have fun Greg

    Gassho Will

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    You take the good
    You take the bad
    You take them both
    and there you have
    The facts of life
    The facts of life

    Peace out Gregor, I know the feeling and have a good 3 days of non-attachment to the internet!

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    oh both of the above cracked me up thanks guys


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