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    Posting suggestions

    May I suggest ops: That if you have a problem with something that someone wrote, or any other personal message that you have, be done by pm. ie. my apology to Harry and Steph, and Lynn's disagreement to my statement and so on. Try to resolve them by pm first, if you can't resolve one to one then bring it to the forum?

    I know a lot of people know this, but I just thought I'd write a reminder.

    Gassho Will

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    I think that there is value to addressing someone privately, but I also think there is value to processing conflict publicly, out in the open, especially if one can do so (relatively :lol civilly. I found going through this whole drama on here to be very helpful and healing, in a way it might not have been had the disagreement been processed privately. It also may help others who might not be the types to enter willingly into conflict themselves, by modelling that conflict can occur without the world falling apart, that people can push each other's buttons and instead of just simmering in silent resentment, work through it and come to a better understanding and appreciation of one another.

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    Yes. But I don't think we should bother others with a petty disagreements

    Your choice.


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    I agree with Will. Completely.
    We just need to be honest with ourselves about it. A disagreement about a point of the Dharma, or practice, or whatever, handled with grace and respect could be a discussion that builds up the participants and readers. But, one that basically becomes a personality conflict or pissing contest... no one benefits. Which is happening is usually pretty obvious. How about if one or two folks say, "Could you guys take it to PM" we agree to do so? Or something along those lines?

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    A virtual "Smack up side the head"?

    Sounds good


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