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    Treeleaf on Facebook

    With Jundo's permission, I created a Facebook page to promote our Zendo last week. Join or "become a fan" if you'd like, to let your networks know what we're about. ... 4694940304


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    Can I 'become a fan' without joining facebook?

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    No, and there's no point in signing up if you're not already on Facebook. It's just a little promotional thing.

    Wow you must be the only Canadian not on Facebook already! haha

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    No dice on Facebook--how about MySpace?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    Wow you must be the only Canadian not on Facebook already! haha
    I'm not often one for fads haha. I spent my fair share of time on MSN and even ICQ during my high school years, but now I don't have much use for that sort of thing.


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    I am into "What is your Original Face" Book.

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    HEH yet another Canadian, not on facebook *the shock!* The horror!!

    I was asked by a co-worker if i was on face book... i said nope..he then knowingly nodded and said, "makes sense...your a bit too old and your married". o_O - what?! Hmmmph

    To be honest i only now have gotten a cell phone :X first one ever and its only for the purpose of When the car calves on the side of the road (which it has a few times).

    Anywho Thanks for putting Treeleaf out there Skye! Alot of exposure there for sure.


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    Personally, being an old geezer who hasn't been in touch with the world since 1989 (Hey R.E.M.!!!), I'm not even sure what "Facebook" involves.

    So, may I put a question to the Treeleaf community as to what you think?

    I do not want to make Treeleaf about prostelitizing in any way. On the other hand, I have put a couple of notices into Tricycle and Buddhadharma magazines (and Buddhist Geeks), because I wanted to make Treeleaf known and available to folks who already had an interest in Zen practice, but could use its resources (you know, because of being unable to commute to another Sangha). But I am not interested in just fishing for folks who would not know a Zen Dojo from a Sushi Bar, and just would be here out of a passing curiosity.

    It is not that I don't want to tell those folks how wonderful Zen Practice is, but more that I do not feel equipped to teach large numbers of folks through Treeleaf who lack a pre-existing interest and some basic grounding in Buddhism and Zen Practice (a few complete 'newbies' is fine and glad to have ya', but not a hoard of casual visitors who might think "Master Tozan" is a character from Dragonball Z). Not to say that a single Facebook page will attract hoards of folks.

    Any thoughts on this, and whether you think the Facebook listing is a good idea?

    Gassho, Jundo the Old

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    I don't really know what to expect either - but probably not much in terms of traffic.

    Facebook tends to be a slightly older crowd than Myspace I think, at least that's been my experience. Basically it's just a way of finding old friends (like and keeping track of what your friends are up to (travel plans, what they're reading, photos from last night's bad sweater party, etc) plus a bit of business networking.

    The only way people will find the page is (1) if they search for "zendo" or (2) if they are already friends with someone who becomes a "fan" of Treeleaf and they see that in their mini-news feed and click on it. Assuming they are friends with an existing Treeleafer, then I think there's a good chance they have some interest or knowledge of Buddhism. Maybe.


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    Not a big fan of Facebook myself (accusations of Data Mining and all).

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    I think a Facebook presence is a fine idea. I've got one (and a Myspace account) because I am a Librarian and that is where the Teens and young people are. (And they often ask me to help them with their Facebook or Myspace pages so I have to know how it works.) My Library has their own Myspace account.

    I don't think it will attract hoards, but may attract diligent seekers (and a few crackpots, no doubt.)

    If the response is overwhelming (which will tell us something in itself) we can always remove the page.

    Just a few thoughts.


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    And if I did not say it clearly, thank you Skye for all your work in putting that together. Deep bows, Jundo

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    The page looks great, Skye.

    For a living, I am actually a "social media strategist" for a company that owns many different websites. That means it's my job to use things like MySpace and Facebook to drive traffic to my company's various sites. In my experience, it takes a much more concerted effort to drive an amount of traffic that might include hoards of newbies. I think Facebook and/or MySpace pages will just provide current Sangha members another way of affiliating with Treeleaf on sites where they already have accounts, and it will bring in a few new people who already have an interest in Zen and are searching for groups with related keywords. I think it's a great way to branch out.

    Just my .01.

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