Dedicated to Stephanie.

You know. I'd like to think that this forum is a place where we can show respect to each other and discuss things openly without the need to get defensive. I guess those who are "in the know" like to keep that to themselves. No Bodhisattvas around here.

Did you know that when you post a comment that is snarky, sarcastic, or just plane rude, it has effects. THIS IS NOT OUR PLACE. Jundo set it up, and we should atleast try to respect it. What's up?

That's wrong.

Oh really why's that?

Well I'm not going to tell you.



Because why?


Is the world against you or are you against the world? I'm sometimes confused by comments like that. It takes the teaching of monastery and practice community and says it's basically bullshit. Well, that's a grand statement. Back it up. If you can't then shut up and keep your poems to yourself.