As most folks know, I spent most of my adult life in the military, only leaving after injuries rendered me useless to the service.
After finding my way to Buddha and Zen, I started a new career as an aide at the physical therapy clinic where I was a patient. I've been working there while going to school.
They recently offered me a permanent, full time position, licensure and tuition reimbursement.
I love what I'm doing, and I believe that having spent so many years at war, and all that entails, spending the rest of my life learning to use my hands to help people heal has just got to be good karma.
So what I'm getting at is this: how do you change your karmic essence? Is there ever anough good a person can do to shift the karmic balance after what happens in war? Is it possible that the feeling that nothing would be "good enough" to tilt the scales simply proof that the tilt has already begun?
Just curious as to other, wiser folks' ideas about "Karmic Debt."