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Thread: Sangha Music

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    Hey Will, great that you are back!

    Excellent track!

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    I agree wholeheartedly it is good to see you post again.

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    Hi Will,

    ... in going and coming we never leave home ....

    (Master Hakuin's Chant in Praise of Zazen)

    Gassho, Jundo

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    As always a great tune.

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    Hey Will,
    Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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    oh! SWEEET! havent heard the tune yet Great Bday present! thank you!


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    Re: Sangha Music

    (updating, Please check back later. G,W)

    Beastie Boys(All lifestyles Rough mix)



    If it don't hurt nobody else than
    Don't be afraid to be yourself and
    Special dedication and so on
    to all lifestyles, sizes, shapes and forms
    We gotta keep the party going on
    All lifestyles, sizes, shapes, and form

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    Re: Sangha Music

    Hi Will...

    Nice music ...


    Gassho, Shu Di

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    Re: Sangha Music

    Hi, Will

    Really enjoyed your music!

    Thanks, Lora

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    Re: Sangha Music

    New Song:



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    Re: Sangha Music

    Hi Will,

    I love your song...thank you for sharing it! This is the time for loving....the time for just about anything...

    Thanks again, you are truly an artist.

    Kelly Rok

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    Re: Sangha Music

    that's hot!

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