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Thread: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Zen

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    Childhood Sexual Abuse and Zen


    Bro. Brad Warner looks like he starting a blog dedicated to victims of childhood sexual abuse and Zen Practice. It could be a very great thing, and Brad is a wonderful teacher for such issues. If anyone in the Sangha is dealing with something like that in their life, they may want to keep an eye on how it develops.

    Gassho, Jundo

    PS- And if anyone is surprised that I am recommending Brad, you should not be. Praise what should be praised, and this certainly should be praised if it works out.

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    I was moved by this when I first saw it too. It shows a lot of empathy, intelligence, and compassion. I think he's right, too, that in general spiritual or religious types just cannot handle the topic of sex with grace.

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    Hmm this is really great. I hear a lot of this in my local MAR group (Men Against Rape) which developed from Take back the Night movement.

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    I have a nephew that suffered sexual abuse from his martial arts instructor. fortunately the abuse was relatively infantile and limited as opposed to other young children in the class. He got excellent therapy. Unfortunately, the abuser was, typically, abused when he was young, creating a cycle of suffering. I applaud any attempt to get us to look at this all too prevalent occurance.
    By the way, Brad is coming to Atlanta. He will be doing a retreat at our Soto Zen Center. I am hoping to attend.

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